BitText Quick Help

Address: BM-GtkZoid3xpTUnwxezDfpWtYAfY6vgyHd

This is a web interface for BitText. BitText is a bitmessage operated service, that allows users to store and read text messages.
Texts are given a 10 digit ID. Only people with the ID can read the text.

To get more information on how to use the service, send a Bitmessage to the above address with the Text "HELP" in the subject.

To read a Text on this site, enter an URL in the format

Most important differences between the bitmessage and the web version

HTML in browser

Yes, you can host complete websites on here for free by just linking texts together. If you need an example of how this works, see this text: INDEX_HTML. The link will not open the HTML version, you have to click on the "View as HTML" manually. The site has a CSS linked into it and an image, loaded from a base64 data URL.

You can't do everyhing you could do on your own website. Some features are disabled or limited. In short, interactive elements such as JavaScript is disabled, and you cannot pull external resources.
Detailed policy:

Can I store binary files?

Yes, but you need to encode them into an UTF-8 safe encoding. For example this image, it is encoded as Base64 and put inside a valid HTML image tag, so the HTML view displays it.

How did you get the nice IDs?

The "VAN" command will do that for you.

.onion url?

here you go: bittextn4jpgjh3vdi3hllbwf54gnofs6bdeca2s2rdgz77j4vrjnpad.onion

I found something disturbing or illegal

You find the contact informations in the Terms and conditions of

Can I help your service?

Yes. BitText is provided completely free, but you can help paying for the costs with bitcoin!
Address: 1ML5aXvR3WTn2vB3ehTgqyZUhSGDjVWe4B