BitText is the textboard of Bitmessage. Users can store, modify and read texts.
For a quick introduction, send a message with the subject "HELP" to the bitmessage address above.
You will shortly receive a help message with all available commands.

This site is a public Web interface to read and download BitTexts quickly.
Usage instructions and ideas are located here.

All texts you can download with this page have been created by third party bitmessage users. Shutting down this website will not cause any influence in the service itself.
Texts are created by users of this service. The hoster does in no way agree with any of the messages. If you think a text voids any swiss law or ethical rules, please write the hoster at admin [at]

Never view texts from a source you do not trust. Visitors take full responsibility for content they receive, including any malicious content thay may damage humans or infrastructures or cause financial or other trouble.

By using this service you agree with the Terms of services, which can be found on the website.

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